Grimsby Siblings Session

June 23, 2017

This was a fun session! These siblings wanted to surprise their dad for his 70th birthday by giving him a portrait of the four of them together. His house in Grimsby is a special place for him so they made an excuse for him to go out and we used that as the location to do these photos! 

I love driving in the country so much that if I have the option of taking a faster route through the city or a longer route through the country I will take the long way there. So this drive out for me was pretty exciting, there was literally not even a Tim Hortons on the way! It was such a lovely big old house with a front porch and pretty willow tree standing there alone - I can see why it is such a special place! 

Siblings are the best at making you laugh, and these four just did not stop. They even had fun pretending to cook and do random stuff around the kitchen for the photos!