This is new life… the Birth of many things.

This is a time of transition for you. I capture new life. Births, but not just the birth of your baby. When a baby is born in that moment so is a mother. And a father. And a family. This is ALL new.




(in Stoic thought) the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.

The ancient Greek word for “breath” or “spirit”. Breath of life.



Your journey into motherhood begins in love, starts with a bump and tiny kicks to remind you this is real, he or she is growing and getting ready to make their way Earthside! Your body is adapting and might feel different and foreign to you, this is a miracle in itself and deserves to be documented.



The greatest life-changing moment. The most challenging, the most beautiful, the most surreal… You can’t fully understand it until you experience it and are transformed into something new. Your new name is mother. It can feel like a blurry dream afterwards, let me catch the moment for you to see and relive with new eyes.


Fresh 48 & Newborn Lifestyle

Postpartum life is a whole new world. Days shorter, nights longer but gone in the blink of an eye. The newborn days are fleeting and you want to remember those soft tiny details to hold on to forever. You will want to look back on the way you were yourself, too, as you first began to navigate the strange world of parenthood.


Family & Parenthood Sessions

Adventures of family life. I want to capture the moments in between the beauty and chaos, the details that you may be too busy to pick up on in the daily rush. Let’s go out and explore, slow it down and soak it in as you make memories together. Documenting these good times to make them last just a little longer…