Client Stories


My husband and I are more than pleased with how the photos of our family and newborn son turned out! She was pleasant and professional to work with and got the photos back to us quickly! We had plenty to choose from which we also liked. We would definitely go with her again in the future, thanks so much Tasha for capturing those first moments while he was still so little!

Lacey & Nick


Tasha is amazing! She captured my home birth so incredibly beautifully and 5 months later we did an awesome breastfeeding session with her. The pictures are so meaningful to me. I will definitely be using Tasha again!! Her eye is and attention to detail is super on point.



Earlier this year we had Natasha capture the birth of our first born, Ivylee Rayne. Prior to this my husband and I never gave it any consideration to hire a birth photographer and we didn't even know of Natasha and her photography business. It was actually a good friend of mine who passed along Natasha's information as she was looking for some willing parents who would let her exercise her photography skills in order to branch out into becoming a birth photographer. Let me tell you it was 100% worth it to have Natasha there with us! We are 7 months into this new parenting thing and we actually treasure these remarkable captured images more than our own wedding photos! What Natasha managed to capture is not something an amateur photographer could have gotten. I’m still not sure how she did it, but the photos actually depict the emotion in a real, raw, and very visceral way. They aren’t just pictures of Ivylee's birth – each one invites you in and tells you a story.

The moments leading up to Ivylee's birth, and then meeting her and holding her for the first time, were so overwhelming and emotional for me that I didn’t have the chance to see anything else but her sweet little face. I was crying so hard that it actually took focus to look into her little eyes for the few minutes I had with her. Due to some complications at the end of my delivery I was only able to hold our sweet girl for a few moments before being taken to the OR so I completely missed the look on my husband’s face and the emotion in the room. But because we knew Natasha was there, my husband was able to fully relax and just be in that moment with us. He was right beside me when we welcomed this new little one to our family, not concentrating behind the camera lens. The joy and excitement on his face brings tears to my eyes, and I cannot wait to show our daughter those pictures when she’s older. During the laboring hours and delivery Natasha stayed back and quiet, I didn’t even notice the camera. She just let it all unfold before her and she just worked her magic. She allowed us to be in the moment and it was as natural and comfortable as if it were only family in the room. If Natasha hadn’t been there to capture it, I would never have seen those first moments of us together as a family. She was also able to capture the bond between my best friend and I. How do you do that in a photograph? I still don’t know, but she did. It’s clear as day, singing out to me in every image. She caught those little gestures and glances, and they make me cry every single time I look at them. And let me add what an absolute trooper Natasha is! I was admitted to the hospital on a Thursday evening and induced. The weather we had that evening was a terrible snow storm and Natasha wanted to make sure she didn't miss the delivery so she arrived at the hospital Thursday evening with us and was up for the entire night just resting in the waiting room. From 11pm - 7am (Friday morning) nothing was happening from my induction and I was not very far dilated. Natasha went home for a couple hours in the morning on Friday but she came back right away by Friday afternoon. Still no changes but she patiently waited it out at the hospital. She was with us until the early hours of Saturday morning before she was able to capture the delivery! We thank her constantly for the endless and sleepless hours she put in for us.

All in all, hiring Natasha was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The birth of our daughter was one of the most precious, amazing moments of our lives, and to have it all documented in such a permanent and beautiful way was worth every penny and more. What seems expensive (birth photographers) is now unbelievably priceless to us. There is literally no price on the memories she gave us. I will never, ever be able to thank her enough for the gift of her time, talent, and all the love she puts into her work. You can tell it’s not a job for her…it’s a passion. It shows. Hands down if we are blessed to have more children in the future we will be asking Natasha to join us again! We wish her nothing but the best as she continues to grow in her passion.

Krystal & Jeremy

Tash is an amazing photographer to work with !! Her timeliness on turning photos around was great, captures the moments I was looking for in engagement photos. I can't wait to see what she does with our wedding photos !!


Love Tash as a photographer. She did amazing engagement photos for my fiance and I. She was very good at suggesting good shots and not telling us what makes good shots. She worked with us and we are very happy with her services.



Natasha is a very creative photographer who can make very unappealing backgrounds look amazing! She is amazing with kids and was able to capture their personalities beautifully. The kids opened right up to her. Natasha is very dependable and amazing photographer who we have used several times now. Well worth the money!


T for talented. Tasha did a professional shoot for me about a year ago, and it was apparent right from the beginning that she really knows what she's doing. She brings a lot of knowledge and experience to each photo shoot. She used my time with her very efficiently. Tasha is an extremely creative person, while at the same time - resourceful, which I find is a rare pairing. She has a real gift, and a passion for what she does. She had my proofs edited and ready in a matter of days. I was very happy with her work. It was hard to narrow it down, they all looked amazing!


Natasha is a wonderful photographer. While her focus is mainly children's photography, she takes amazing photos of people of all ages. She took amazing photos of my sister and I; she has a keen eye for scenery and how to use it to her advantage. I had never had professional photos taken of me (except for when I was very young - can't really remember it) and was afraid I wouldn't know how to pose. Natasha made both my sister and I feel comfortable and often suggested poses and/or ways to make the photos seem natural and not staged. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Natasha to anyone looking to have photos taken, for their children or any other special event. I also hope to have the privilege of having her photograph future events for me.


I had Natasha take newborn photo's for my son when he was 9 days old. It's hard to trust someone with a new baby but I instantly felt comfortable with her because she was so careful and patient. Her creativity produced some beautiful, high quality pictures that we will cherish for many years to come. We were so happy to have chosen Natasha for the newborn session and recommend her to anyone who wants to receive professional service!


Tash was awesome! We have gone with her for both our new born shoots with great results! So hard to choose from the many great thumbnails, the finalist pics were amazing. Highly recommend Tash for your photo needs.