Breastfeeding Session Brampton | Hamilton Baby Photographer / by Natasha Huisman

Ok, ok, what can I say about this session? I think it is probably my favourite that I’ve done. Like ever. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing and it means a lot to me to promote and encourage it. As I was getting these images together to blog I realized I can’t seem to find a lot that show the complete realness of it, don’t get me wrong there are soooo many gorgeous breastfeeding portraits out there. But I struggled to find many that weren’t shot at certain angles, with posing that still hides certain aspects of how you would normally breastfeed. I guess it shows that even though we’ve come so far with the #normalizebreastfeeding movement it still is not fully seen as normal?! Stop me if I’m wrong.

I remember first becoming a mother and buying one of those nursing covers you put around your neck, I didn’t even think about why I bought it, just maybe because that’s what most moms I saw did? I remember feeling super silly wearing it and felt it drew even more attention to me than if I just went without it. And the flailing arms. The poking my head in awkwardly to see if he was latched on right. Oh my GOSH I just ended up stashing that thing away and said to hell with it who cares they’re just boobs. Because guess what! They’re just boobs, dudes. Life sustaining, magical and yes usually pretty looking but I guess God made them that way because they’re so important or something, idk.

I know not every mother has the privilege of breastfeeding but I fully believe every effort should be made. It’s not just the magical milk, it’s bonding, it’s natural weight loss (not that that’s an issue but hello perfect design), it’s even good for your mental health as your hormones regulate after birth. I’m so grateful I was able to nurse my son until he was 2 and decided he was over it, and my daughter who is 2 and 2 months and still asks for it every morning and night.

I feel so blessed to have the experience of witnessing and capturing this handsome dude’s birth and then to come back again 5 months later to document these special moments with his gorgeous mama. I had to throw in a bunch from his nursery because um it’s beautiful! (My fav part is still the shit show sign you made yourself though, Nicole haha)

So tell me, did you get to breastfeed your babies? If so, for how long? And do you think we still need to work on this normalizing thing or what? Oh and I am also so open for more sessions like this, if you’d like to document and remember these days with your little ones we can arrange it for sure!!