Hamilton Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Tasha B Photography | Cainsley's Fresh 48 / by Natasha Huisman

Hamilton Fresh 48 Photography Session

I had my first ever Fresh 48 session at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and oh goodness is it ever such a rush to walk through those maternity ward halls with the anticipation of coming face to face with a brand new life!!! Do you know the feeling of getting to visit your new niece or grandkid or maybe you even remember the excitement of coming to see a new sibling?? When I got to document the first hours of this baby girl’s life THAT is how I felt and I super hope I get to do it again real soon.

Mama had to have a c sec due to breech. If you have a c section breastfeeding may take a little longer to establish. In this case mama would nurse for a bit then dad would take a turn with formula while she pumped.

I remember my little bro 16 years ago having this done at first before he was breastfed, and although my mom was (very rudely by nurses) told she wouldn’t be able to breastfeed, with help and perseverance she did. Don’t listen to everything they tell you in hospital, whatever your circumstance you most likely CAN breastfeed. (Tips at the end of this post)

Here are some tips from www.tommys.org for those with c secs:

  • Skin-to-skin contact with your baby in the first 24 hours after birth helps you bond with your baby and can help you start to breastfeed. If you weren’t able to have this contact, for example, if you or your baby were ill, you can still breastfeed. But it may take a bit longer for your baby to latch on and for your milk supply to come in.

  • Feed your baby as often and for as long as they want. This will mean your baby is getting the right amount of milk at the right time, and it will help your body produce enough milk.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your midwife for help, and have someone pass baby to you so you don’t have to twist in bed

  • Try different feeding positions, to find one that is most comfortable for you

  • If your wound is painful, try putting a pillow over it to protect it.

  • Ask for advice on expressing breastmilk so someone else can feed baby while you rest.

  • Community support groups, such as breastfeeding cafes, can be a good source of support and information once you’re home from hospital – your midwife or health visitor can tell you what is available in your area.

I have a model call on right now for these type of sessions. If you are a Hamilton or Burlington area mama looking to get a Freshie seshie done please read over the FAQ section to see the requirements and fill out the Questionnaire!