March to Freelensing, a personal project | Hamilton Photographer | Tasha B Photography / by Natasha Huisman

Back in March I participated in a project to freelens every day. I’m falling behind with blog posts so figured I’d better get this one up here since it’s already May!!

If you don’t know what freelensing is, it’s a technique where you disconnect your lens and hold it in front of your camera - the focus is very shallow and can be tricky if it’s new to you. For some lenses (like the 35mm) I find it easiest to switch to live view. Freelensing can give a nostalgic dream like blur to images and I always try to take a few shots at client sessions this way if I get the opportunity. This also allows for more light to enter which is why I found myself freelensing at a birth last year when faced with a very low light situation, I think it can be fitting sometimes!

Some days I may have missed or didn’t get anything I liked, other days there were several that turned out, but there are 31 in total here so it counts!!!